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Despite a very successful festival we failed to achieve enough ticket sales to cover the cost of its set up.  Although there is still money due preliminary accounting shows a likely deficit of approximately  £4,000.00.

I think everyone who attended the festival will agree that it delivered on creating a relaxed and fun atmosphere with a great line up and a really intimate lay out.  Unfortunately, and despite the sunshine, the attendance level was very low  This combined with the increased set up costs due to the event location has resulted in the festival being a financial failure.

It breaks our heart that something that was designed to bring joy into peoples lives was not a vision shared by enough people.  The reasons for this are many fold.  Not least the increased set up costs incurred by a barrage  of red tape and fear from Essex County Council.  Their insistence on charging £1600 for the venue (to cover parking costs!) their refusal to allow us to use their public liability insurance and overkill on the level of security doubling our historic costs.

Furthermore, and despite having run two previous festivals that had ran without incident we had to delay announcing the festival until we could agree on an event management plan.  This led to a  loss of valuable advertising time as the festival was in doubt and we could not risk getting the printing of posters, flyers and banners should the event not go ahead.

Ultimately with the failure of the festival the responsibility lies with us, Cindy and Lee.  We assumed that the people of Braintree would welcome its own festival, supporting a very good cause in the hope that with all of your help we could assist in finding a vaccine to fight meningitis. Of course, anyone is sales will tell you that assuming makes an ass of u and me! However, if our festival, through raising awareness of meningitis, particularly in the 16 – 24 year old group, saved one life and one family from having to endure the pain we go through then it would be a success.

We live in a cruel world with atrocities, misery and suffering occurring on a daily basis and things will only change if when people say, “enough is enough” and do what they can to effect change and I have no doubt that many of you reading this support many good causes to achieve change. Despite our huge loss of Sam we stood up (with tremendous support from long time friends through to complete strangers) to make a difference and would do the same again and we will never stop wanting and trying to make the world a better place.  Even though our contribution is tiny, we truly believe that if enough of us share this vision then change will happen.

Our last ditch effort is to once again ask for your support, a support that at times has been phenomenal.

If this is an event that you would like to see continued in the future, if you share our vision of wanting to make this world a better place for ourselves and our children and we are positive that you do, we really need you help.

You can do this by simply donating any amount that you can realistically afford, even if its 10p – Enough 10ps will make a difference just as enough people doing their small bit will effect change.

You can donate by clicking here via paypal or by sending cheques/postal orders to:

Big Bear Fest

8 Catesby Meadow


Suffolk CO10 2BD

Alternatively you could become a friend of the Big Bear Fest making a regular monthly donation of £5.00 which would keep the festival going and entitle you to a ticket to each year’s festival.  To find out more click here.

Many thanks for reading this and in anticipation of your support

One Love

Lee & Cindy xxx



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Despite a very successful festival we failed to achieve enough ticket sales to cover the cost of its set up.  Although there is still money due preliminary accounting shows a…